→  Designing a user centric Zalando fashion experience

User research / Product design /  Prototyping & Testing


Zalando is Europe's leading online fashion platform, offering its customers across 17 different European markets a comprehensive selection of almost 2,000 products. 

↓ The challenge
Zalando is currently not solving the basic advice needs for customers. Fashion users share the need for advice on quality, size and fit as well as being able to relate to the products and the models.

How might we make customers feel confident with their buying decision [avoiding deflated expectations when seeing the real product]

↓ Customer first
The triad of fashion, technology and logistics enables the company the delivery of customer first solutions.

We identify root customer problems through diverse user research methodologies involving explorative research, focus groups, co-creation workshops.

By prioritising customer problems we surface specific opportunities and build upon them through ideation workshops.
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↓ Continuum testing & validation
We ensure our design concepts are validated by testing prototypes with user interviews or quick A/B live tests.
We define specific context and desired outcomes of potential solutions and validate success with goals, signals and metrics.

My role drives the ideation, design and delivery of digital products solutions for key customer needs.

↓ Designing at scale
My work ensures design alignment and coherency across the Zalando universe, improving the end-to-end experience and user journey.

I activate and run design ideation workshops to simplify workflows and increase opportunities for exchange within the design team.