NT Live

→ A digital experience powering National Theatre world reach

Experience & Design Direction


National Theatre Live captures live theatre experiences and sharing it around the world, reaching 2,500 cinemas across 60 countries and 8 million people worldwide.

Behind the scenes at the camera rehearsal. Photo by Helen Maybanks
↓ The brief
As the reach of broadcasting live theatre grows, NTLive has an opportunity to build a confident digital experience to support the service, create a stronger visual language to both sit clearly alongside the NT brand family and celebrate the brand to encourage new audiences to try NTL in their local cinema.
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How might we communicate the National Theatre Live experience and cater to a worldwide cinema audience?

↓ Approach
I surfaced the user problems that users where facing when accessing the NTLive offer of shows and defined user journeys based on those. When synthesising those journeys, I came up with a three rule variable: where (location), what (show), when (date).

Using these variables, there’s an always accessible filter that rules the content displayed on the page. Interacting with the filter enables the user to navigate through the content based on its needs.

A digital-first approach to the NTLive visual identity while ensuring visual alignment with the rest of the brand.

This functionality coupled with a sleek design and useful interactions, guide the user through the page smoothly. The use of bold typography accomplishes accessibility and a contemporary look that delights all audiences.
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