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Interface Design

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User experience / Interaction & interface design 


Digital Leaders is a members only service delivering a weekly offering of curated news, reports, commentary and analysis of the digital and technology industry.

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↓The Objective
An exclusive mobile application with a streamlined user journey including secure log in, conveying simplicity with a minimal design that works across all mobile devices.
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↓ The solution
The app is elegant and sleek look and feel by making use of an essential colour palette of predominant whites, and hints of blacks and reds to grab the attention when the user interaction is necessary.
I designed an effortless user journey that would minimise the need of navigating across screens, keeping the app to a minimum number of transitions and concentrating all accessibility in one single view.

Simplification is achieved by keeping user interface and interaction to the minimum, concentrating the action on a simple long scroll that takes the user from one article to the next, with no need to change screens to access other parts of the application.